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My Adventure with my Leica


Well it has been a little over a year since I bought my first Leica camera. I bought a Leica M7 with a 50mm Summicron ƒ2.0 lens. Yes a film camear!  I purchased it used on a whim more or less. Buying my camera  was a kind of therapy for me. I was never a Leica fanatic and still do not view myself as one, however I really do like this camera.  I guess that I may have been converted.

Shortly after shooing I start scanning the web for all things Leica. During that searching for all things Leica I found this great site The Online Photographer I have been following it regularly since. I highly recommend this site. It is great, informative, and fun to read!

Well getting back to my year I had gotten away from photographing for myself, for a variety of reasons. Now I did not need a Leica to start shooting again. In my possession were and still are 2 very good and functional cameras a Rolleiflex TLR and and Nikon FM2. Sometimes it makes a huge purchase to jump start your creativity. Really I am glad I did buy this camera. Never having abandoned film and leaving it for dead, I am so happy to have returned to shooting for myself again. I do have to say I was totally blown away by the imagery that was produced by the Leica camera and lens.

Here is one of the first photos shot with my Leica M7 and Summicron 50mm:

Roberto on the Steps
One of my first photos with my Leica M7

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