More DIY Studio shots

Silas 10

Here are some photos shot recently with my son Collin and his friend Silas in my makeshift garage studio. I used my oldie but goodie Rolleiflex and my Leica M7, shooting with my preferred Kodak Tri-X  and Portra 400. Seems that I have a penchant for Kodak film.( Please Kodak do not go away!) I went to Goodwill and bought an old white sheet and attached it to my open garage door using it as a large soft box. I lit them with 1 Vivitar 283 behind the sheet and 2 other to the left and right of the guys. I was working on some strobist and makeshift studio work. I liked the challenge.


I asked the guys to get the PS3 controllers and they just started to ham in up, well Collin did especially.

Collin 31

 Collin and Silas 26

4 Replies to “More DIY Studio shots”

  1. Do they make underwater camera housings for vintage cameras?

    1. I am not sure what specific camera do you have? There may be someone or an outfit that make them.

  2. I am not looking for drugstore prints. Who do you trust with your Provia, Velvia, Ektachrome, etc?.

    1. I have not had slide film processed in a while. Here in Portland, I would check Citizen’s Photo , Pro Photo Supply, and Blue Moon Camera and Machine

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