Christmas Vacation Montana Part 2 (Landscapes)

Big Sky Manhattan Montana 1

We arrived at our destination roughly 12 hours later, actually 13 because of a GPS misinterpretation from my trusty navigator who frequently says “I Love my GP!” I do not love the GP.

Anyway the rest of the family was there. It was a great time and such a refreshing time for me. Thanks to Andrea and Cheryl for the week hiatus thank you soo much!

Montana is truly the Big Sky State it is pretty amazing really, I have lived in Colorado and Wyoming both with sprawling skies, however there is something very different about Montana skies. A day after settling in my oldest son and one of my brothers took a ride around to take pictures. My brother is an avid raptor fan, and loves to photograph them. He even tends after Hawks where he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Well raptors are plentiful in Montana especially in Gallatin county. The skies are frequented by hawks and eagles. Just down the road from where we were staying perched in a tree was a bald eagle. It almost waited for us to pull up and my brother just started snapping away from outside the passenger window. After he was finished we drove on a little further. The sun was beginning to set and I wanted to capture the scene. If you are into mountain vistas this part of Montana is full of them! I found a spot and set up my camera on my tripod and adjusted and focused and than started to shoot I had a neutral density filter on the lens this allows you to take long exposure photographs during the daylight. Both my brother and son asked what I was doing? “I am just taking a photo, we will see if it works”, I said.

Here it is you decide…

Big Sky Manhattan Montana 1
Big Sky Manhattan Montana 1


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