Porsche Beauty


When I was 15 and getting ready for my driver’s license I really wanted a Porsche 911. I even had a poster of one hanging on my wall. Who would not want one? The price kept me away, With parents going through a divorce and an income from the Detroit Free Press paper route kept me from obtaining my dream car.

The Portland Art Museum had an exposition called Allure of the Automobile. Over the course of the past summer in a nod to the show people who owned sporty or exotic (read really expensive cars) would gather around The Portland Art Museum. The cars lined the streets around the museum. I met my friend Todd and started shooting. Porsches are beautiful cars! They are really photogenic. I did not fin it hard to photograph these beauties.

I was using my Leica M7 which I felt was fitting using a fantastic German camera to photograph beautiful German machines. I shot with Kodak Tri-X 400 film. I really like using this film it has a great range and the grain. It so smooth. Enjoy there are more image of Porches in Motos ‘n’ Autos.


Porshce Hood 24
Shot from above of a hood of a Porsche