Cross Processing Should I?

Fire House Restaurant Doors

Mysterious Temptress

I have always been sort of reticent to cross process my film. The colors are never true but they can produce very interesting results. If you are purist with color than cross processing will be uncomfortable for you.

Shop on Hawthorne
Shop on Hawthorne

That may not be a bad thing. Pushing yourself into uncomfortable territory is sometimes a very good place to be and you may grow creatively from it. I have not done a lot of cross processing but personally I prefer shooting chrome and processing the film in C-41 chemistry. I just prefer the look of slide film going the way of the negative.

Outside of the extreme color shift, one of the side effects that occurs is grain. There will appear more grain in your crossed processed film. If you are adamantly opposed to film grain than this may not me your thing. But again I think that the results may outweigh the negatives.

If you are a film photographer I urge you to give it a try, experiment is that not what life is all about. Experimentation and living?

Here is another example of cross processed film:

Hawthorne Fish House
Hawthorne Fish House


Please view more crossed processed film on my Flickr page.


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