Urban Landscapes

Empty Road 07

My Rollei and Urban Landscapes

For the last several years when I need a quick get-a-way,  I get on my motorcycle and ride what I call goin’ around the block. I take N. Columbia Boulevard and ’round  back home. This small tour takes me past a very industrial area of Portland, OR. There is generally  some auto traffic and some semi traffic, but at the time I travel usually the road is good to go.  It is really fun because in some stretches of road you can really open it up. After several loops around I figured I needed to bring my cameras with me there are some interesting visuals along the way. I have been wandering around with my Rolleiflex loaded with film looking for interesting urban landscapes. Along these curvy roads without much police presence and open land  filled with long buildings and cranes for loading off in the distance lend to some interesting subjects. I have been drawn to these sort of ‘scapes for some time.

Very close to my home there is an abundance of industrial business, seems a possible commentary on my socioeconomic status, or maybe it’s  just what I gravitate towards.