Big Bass Lake Michigan

Big Bass Lake


Big Bass Lake in Northern Michigan a scene from the dock at The Cottage.

This photos is of Big Bass Lake in Northern Michigan. My family owns a cottage located in Lake County near Irons, MI. My grandfather bought the property in the ’60s. The story goes as my mother recently told me.

My Grandfather would go Up North during the summer to camp he and a friend would travel from the Metro Detroit area and camp, fish, relax and enjoy the scenery.He would also bring his family. My Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt and my Mother in tow. Finding a camping spot was no trouble for several years. One weekend in 1962 my Grandfather traveled to the area for the weekend and arriving with all the campsites full. Well he was incensed. According to my Mother he felt this was his place. He must have picked up the local news paper and found the listing for the cottage and purchased it on the spot. “Now”, as my Mother said, “He would never have to worry about find a place¬† to camp again. He never went camping again.”

My family and I visited this past August. Part of the reason for the trip was to have a Memorial for my Grandfather’s passing. Which we did.¬† I had not been in over 10 years, The Cottage was wonderful and much the same as I had remembered. My Mother and Step Father have made some major improvements to the place. There is a new bathroom, which is now very spacious and no longer does one have the fear of falling through the floor. New windows decorate the place and a new sitting room sits just a few steps away from the cottage. The sitting room has a fireplace and a gorgeous view of the lake. My wife and I really did not want to leave.

Big Bass Lake