Gems in the Street

Buick Skylark

Auto Portraits


Throughout the city of Portland there are real gems found in the driveways and streets. Over the past year, when I have been wandering or driving to my destinations I have either; Wide view of a Buick WildCatmentally noted for future reference, or when my camera is with me and had the opportunity to capture  these absolute gems of the auto industry in and around the inner neighborhoods of Portland, OR.

I have just recently come upon my annual Pro Membership with Flickr. I have been influenced by  select photographers whom I have been following. One is located in Maryland. Here is his photo stream. The other photographer is from Minnesota her stream is here. The third is located here in Portland and his photo stream is here. Although I have been attracted to photographing automobiles for some time I feel that after viewing these photographers that my esthetic has changed and in turn has improve my own vision.The Red Tempest

Here are a few samples that I have found look in my gallery Motos ‘n’ Autos or you can see other great photos of cars here in ‘Round the Hood’