DeSoto 05

Old Car and an Old Camera How Fitting

The other day I was running to Safeway, the neighborhood grocery store, to pick up something for the dinner menu.  Parked in the lot with two spaces to the right was an old Chrysler DeSoto! They really do not make them like they used to. That auto really stood out! I had with me in my car my Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex camera. I fgure my camera and the DeSoto were made around the same time.

DeSoto 04
Portrait of an Ole DeSoto

What a find!  There was another woman who took interest in the old car and was snappin’ away with her iPhone.

My camera still works like new, must be that German engineering!  I really love the images I get from it. Check out some other work by photographers who use old technology to make photographs here on Flickr. Here is a specific Rollei link. Here is another Rollei specific group. Enjoy Cool things happen when you least expect them.