Nikon 1 Series Camera

To buy or Not To Buy?

I have been looking and wondering if the new Nikon 1 series cameras were something worth getting into. I have been trolling around the internet to read about Nikon’s jump into the mirror less foray. Nikon has made a camera system that seems to satisfy. This is just speculation of course as I have not held one to shoot,¬† only read what others think and from reviews that have been posted on the

From all that I have read about this new camera and system is would be something that I would compliment my current cameras. I now have 3 film cameras. This could be it! Especially if I can connect my older Nikon f mount  lenses to the camera. Could this be it?

Than I look a the price tag. I remind myself that I did this once before. I bought a Nikon D70. Initially it was wonderful than I wanted to attach my 24mm Nikkor. Well My 24 turned into a 36mm lens. Well that really did not do. I sold my D70 I also was not impressed by the color that camera captured either skin tones were less than desirable.

I bought a Samsung NV11 wanted a compact camera to easily pack and carry. Again disappointed by the images captured and not having the control. My second try comes as a disappointment. Now I have to say that for my day job I use a Nikon D3x which is an amazing digital camera albeit heavy and very expensive.

In 2010 I bought a Leica with a Summicron 50mm Lens. The images blew me away! I love it I can pack it easily and it is very comfortable to hold. I have shot several rolls of film and will continue as long as Kodak is still making film.

I love to look at the new technology and what is out there on the market trying to find the perfect camera when all along I have them.

I love my Leica M7, Rolleiflex and my Nikon FM2. I think that I will just buy more film.