Old School Film EFKE

Going Old School with Efke 25

Efke and Leica M7

I decided to shoot some old school film Efke 25. I have been doing some reading about this film for a little while. With all the information out on the web, and all the beautiful images on Flickr I decided to buys some of this film and give it a try.

There is a great camera store in North Portland. It is called Blue Moon Camera and Machine which by the way is one of my favorite camera shops in Portland. I purchase my film here. Do check them out the store is great! The sell typewriters and all sorts of oldies but goodies, camera bodies, lenses film and chemicals. They are also very helpful. I especially like that all the men wear a button up shirt and a tie. The place has a very nice atmosphere. If you are in the Pacific Northwest and a film/camera buff I would pay them a visit.

I digress I bought 2 rolls of the Efke 25 ISO film to try. Over the last couple of months I have been driving by a farm house near the Sherwood Ice Arena on the Tualtin/Sherwood highway. It seems we are there once every weekend. I went out earlier in the week to capture the scene that I have seen so many times. With half the roll exposed I am really anticipating the images when processed.

Stay tuned for further developments…