My Rollei Cleaned!


I had my Rolleiflex TLR camera cleaned. Wow what a difference that made. the ground glass was so dirty as was the lens both are back in business!

I dropped off my camera at a cool but ancient camera shop in Portland, OR Hollywood Camera Store. This place carry only film camera and supplies. You cannot call it retro because it never left it roots. This place is one if you are a die hard film photographer or camera buff you have to check it out. It is so authentic! The guy who cleaned my camera was great. His website is here.

Woman with white nightgown on a bed

I really like the images that I make from this camera, it was getting to be a drag because I could not really see what I was trying to frame because the ground glass was so dark. (Sometimes I like to shoot in low light situations.)

Here is one of my recent images from my “new” camera.

Medium format especially the square format is just something special. I am happy to have my Classic camera back in action.