Family Portrait Session

Lovely Family and Great Photos   Late last month I had the pleasure to photograph a wonderful family. The weather in Portland started to become rainy and we got lucky with a beautiful sunny weekend day to photograph. My client wanted some photos of her husband and her daughters in a casual environment. We used […]

Nikon 1 Series Camera

To buy or Not To Buy? I have been looking and wondering if the new Nikon 1 series cameras were something worth getting into. I have been trolling around the internet to read about Nikon’s jump into the mirror less foray. Nikon has made a camera system that seems to satisfy. This is just speculation […]

Strange Things in the Water

26 Ghost

Photographing at Night One of the most enjoyable things about shooting long exposures are the unexpected results that may develop. There is also an added bonus when shooting film, because of the lag time. I feel like today with everything needing to be finished and done almost instantaneously it is refreshing having to wait and […]

Summer Portraits


Michigan was great to us. Our vacation this past August to Michigan was just amazing. I brought my Rolleiflex TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) along and shot some portraits in the backyard near my parents pool. The sun was setting and cast a golden glow onto all my subjects. I used a couple of strobes to […]

Porsche Beauty

Porsche… When I was 15 and getting ready for my driver’s license I really wanted a Porsche 911. I even had a poster of one hanging on my wall. Who would not want one? The price kept me away, With parents going through a divorce and an income from the Detroit Free Press paper route […]

Window Shopping

Traveling with my Rollei I was strolling around NE Lombard this past August. This image is from a storefront on NE Interstate in Portland, OR. The day was HOT! I took my Rolleiflex camera. Wow did that camera gather attention. Several people asked me about it. I thought it cool. I was gifted to me […]