Interesting Portraits


Spring Portraits

My Mother in Law is visiting from Honduras. I am enjoying her visit. It has been very easy for me having her here. I was nervous at the beginning because my wife booked her flight for her stay to last 3 months. You see my Mother in Law, let’s call her Pita from now on, had never left Honduras. So you can understand my trepidation for having her stay here for that length of time. As I said it has been very nice for me.

This weekend we took a drive to the coast. Our destination was Manzanita, OR. I just love this small coastal town. We have been going there for the last 5 plus years. Anyway it is very familiar to me.My wife and I really enjoy Manzanita. Today we had the opportunity to show Pita the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

I had the idea to photograph Pita in front of our Azalea bush which always blooms beautifully in the Spring. We she acquiesced. Here is one of my favorite photo I took. I am also including a photo of my 2nd cousin whom I had the opportunity to¬† photograph after Pita. [display-gallery size=”medium”]